LB is Agile AF.™


We solve design, technology, and marketing problems. We do this for some of the world's most innovative companies, big and small. We also do this in our own ventures.


We learn, we create, we improve. We do it as quickly as possible so we can bring solutions to real people. Real people teach us things that are impossible to predict. And that continuous learning helps us make things better. This is why we love the agile process.


We find the best combo of people to work on any given challenge. Maybe a strategist and copywriter. Maybe a designer, developer and product manager. Sometimes it's a bunch of us. And sometimes it's just one of us. It depends on what you actually need.


We're structured as a collective. That means everyone working on your project is experienced and has explicitly chosen to be there. It means we don't blow money on a glitzy office or managerial overhead. We're only about the people doing the work, so that's all you pay for.